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Waterproof Hair Clipper

Waterproof Hair Clipper
  • Long life and high-speed charging: it only takes 3 hours to fully charge, and the battery life can be up to 180 mins of battery life while fully charged. For example, one-time haircut is calculated as half an hour, 2 times a month, then Waterproof hair clipper one time fully charged can use for 3 months.
  • Stable discharge, economical and environmentally friendly: The blade can be rinsed straight away to clean up shredded hair, faster and more conveniently!
    ATTENTION: (Only the blade can be washed, the whole body of the machine CAN NOT be washed!)
  • Get a haircut easily at Anytime, Anywhere: The blade length of Waterproof hair clipper is 40mm and the body length is 142mm, which can be easily carried for conveniently perform haircuts, engraving, oiling, shaving and other operations.
Material: Titanium + stainless steel
Power Type: Rechargeable, With USB Cable
Voltage: 110-240V
Product Size: 14.20*4.0*2.3cm
Washing Mode: Cleaning brush clean
Package contents:
Hair Trimmer*1
Limit Comb*4
USB Cable*1