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Pooch™ Paw Cleaner Cup

Pooch™ Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

Prevent infections and other serious consequences your dog will get when their paws are regularly exposed to the outside world.

From burns, irritation, and bacteria, your dog’s paws are regularly exposed to different things that can cause wounds and infections. This Dog Paw Cleaner Cupwill provide you with a hassle-free way of making sure your dog’s paws are clean and free from bacteria after a walk outside.

Highlighted Benefits:

  • Prevent serious paw infections. This dog paw cleaner is a simple tool that provides remarkable benefits for your dog. It helps by making sure their paws are clean after they return home from a walk outside.

  • Eliminate possible parasite infection. Ticks and other nasty parasites love hiding between their toes. By regularly cleaning your dog’s paws, you are preventing these parasites from wreaking havoc in your dog’s body.

  • Know when they have cuts or wounds. By cleaning the dirt off their paws, you can instantly see if they have been wounded by a sharp object during their walk, which will help you treat the wound immediately.

  • Suitable even for dogs with sensitive paws. The soft skin-friendly silicone material inside the dog paw cleaner allows you to clean their paws without causing pain or irritation.

  • Super easy to clean after. The soft silicone bristles inside the dog cleaner cup are easy to rinse after each session. Simply run some water with soap and they will be good to go.

Pooch™ is dedicated to making the world a better place for dogs and their families, one excellent product at a time. Order today and experience why this product is considered an investment for your dog’s health and well-being.


    • Material: Plastic and Soft Silicone brushes
    • Colors: Blue, Green, Orange
    • Sizes: 3 sizes available:
    • Small - opening diameter: 2.16 in (5.5 cm) - puppies, toy breeds, and petite dogs.
    • Medium - opening diameter: 2.48 in (6.3 cm) - medium-sized.
    • Large - opening diameter: 2.9 in (7.3 cm) - large-sized breeds.


    • Add water to the top row of bristles.
    • Put your dog's paw in through the opening, and down until it fits properly.
    • Gently rotate the paw cleaner, and then, rotate it in the opposite direction. You may also move the cleaner up and down while the bristles wash away the dirt.
    • After a thorough session, carefully pull your dog's leg out of the cleaner.
    • Dry your dog's paw with a towel.
    • Pour away the dirty water.


    1 x Dog Paw Cleaner