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DIY Patchwork Maker Kit


Use: Sewing Machine Parts

Origin: CN(Origin)

Type: Tool Sets

Bullet Points:

1、Acrylic Template: It is made with high-quality acrylic, chosen for its strength, transparency and

sustainability. It feels soft, but maintains a good grip on the fabric. It does not damage the fabric.

2、Create Incredible Designs: The 6-piece quilting template set is the perfect tool to help you create the most

incredible designs that would be a nightmare manually. Using the quilting template set will allow you to

expand your creativity and create something that no one has seen.

3、Quilt Like a Pro: Using your own set of quilting templates, you can easily follow along with the quilting

templates in one motion. Our Quilting Template Set can be used with all tabletop sewing machines and is

ideal to be used by foot for perfect precision.

4、Designed for Home Sewing Machines: This quilt template set was designed to achieve beautiful quilting

effects without the investment of an expensive long-arm machine. Make sure you have the correct ruler foot

suitable for your machine.

5、Excellent Gift Idea: These sewing tool accessories are definitely a must have for any quilting enthusiast,

beginner or seasoned. Create all kinds of beautiful and unique patterns, flowers, circles, stars, in an easy to

use and practical way, or buy it as a great gift idea for professional tailors, apprentices, or DIY embroidery


Description :

Looking for a way to create beautiful designs with your sewing machine?

Quilt like a pro on your home sewing machine. Achieve a long-arm quilting look on a tabletop sewing machine

with the Quilting Template Set. By using the insoles and feet together, you will have the feeling of free

cushioning but with maximum precision. Getting the long-arm advanced quilting look is now as easy as

changing the foot.


High quality acrylic.

Very durable.

Practical alignment lines.

Ergonomic grip.

Includes arc, circle, spiral, clam and much more.

Ideal for creative quilting.

Precise measurement for perfect results.

6 quilting templates:

Create arches in small areas with 4 ″ Arch Template.

Clam stitch patterns in two sizes (½ "and 1½") with cover template.

Stitch spirals using 6 ″ spiral template.

Simple stitch circles with 2 ″ inner circle template.

Create petals with 3½ "Spin-E-Fex template.

Create pointy petals with a 5½ "spinner template.

Packing List:

1 Set of Quilting Templates(6pcs)

4 '' arch template

½ "and 1½" template cover

6 '' spiral template

2 '' insole inside circle

3½ "template

5½ "Spinning Insole