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Cable Storage Box Organizer

Benefits of a Patch Cable Organizer

When deciding whether or not to purchase this type of device for your data center racks, you’ll want to weigh out whether the benefits are worth the cost. The following are some of the most significant benefits to be aware of:

  • Reduces Cable Clutter – Cluttered cables can make it difficult to reach into the servers, routers, switches, or other devices that need work. It can also make it difficult to install or remove hardware since the cables can get in the way.
  • Hides Cable Slack – Keeping any extra cable slack hidden away helps your data center look much more professional. It also reduces the risk of a cable accidentally getting pulled or damaged when working in the area.
  • Professional Look – If you need to give customers or potential employees a tour of the data center, you don’t want it to look like a child ran your cabling. A patch cable organizer gives every rack a clean and professional look.
  • Easier Cable Tracing – If you suspect a cable has gone bad, tracing it out will be much easier when you have every cable carefully ran through the organizer.
  • Bend Radius Compliance – Patch cabling is not meant to bend at sharp angles. Using this device will help encourage a safer bend radius so your cables don’t pinch or crack.
  • Improved Air Flow– Keeping the cables properly organized will help ensure the airflow within the rack is even and unobstructed. This can help protect the equipment temperature within the data center.